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Potted Plant Arrangements

Frequently Asked Questions:

We do not have a permanent physical store at the moment but we do pop-ups occassionally. We join weekend market events mostly within Ortigas / Makati / BGC areas as often as we can to sell our on hand potted plants and stands. We typically announce the schedule of our upcoming pop-ups 1-2 weeks prior to the event/s.

We also accept orders online. However, our website and catalogue are still in the works. Most clients have been ordering only based on what they see our Instagram feed. If you see anything that you might like, feel free to send the photo to us via Instagram DM (Direct Message) and we can can assist you from there.

We have no Viber / Whatsapp number. Kindly message us through Instagram or email:

Note: Expect some delays due to high volume of inquiries

To order, you may send us a direct message @NestPlantStudio on Instagram or send us an email at Once your order is confirmed, we’ll be sending you a summary or invoice which will include your order details and total. After which, you may send your payment via online transfer or over the counter deposit at BPI or BDO.

Where to begin and how to choose the right plants: Start by examining your space. Do the spots where you want to put plants get bright, medium, or low light? If you can describe to us the conditions where your plant will be situated (ex. are temperatures average to warm or is the room constantly air-conditioned?), we’ll be able to provide you with better plant options.

Yes, we can deliver your plants straight to your space! Our staff will be more than happy to help you situate the heavy potted plants in the spot/s where you want them.

A corresponding delivery fee will be appended to your total should you opt for this convenience. You may message us via Instagram DM (Direct Message) to know about our delivery rates. Nest HQ is located along Marcos Hiway (Antipolo) and all orders will be coming from this point.

At the moment, we only deliver from Thursday – Saturday weekly. Our delivery team typically has 8-14 destinations per day so we optimize the route to make sure all orders are sent before 7:00pm. All paid customers will be informed about the ETA of their order 1 day before the delivery date. Note that we cannot guarantee specific times of delivery due to unpredictable circumstances (i.e. traffic) but our team will do its best to send within the given period.

The delivery fee may be waived with a minimum spend of:

  • P5,000 (for Marikina, Pasig, San Juan, Mandaluyong, *parts of QC, Taguig, Makati)
  • P6,000 (for Pasay, *parts of QC, Manila, Caloocan)
  • P7,000 (for Las Pinas, Paranaque, Muntinlupa)

Note: no deliveries on holidays.

Yes, you may claim your orders at any of these points:
  • NEST HQ (Town & Country Executive Village, Marcos Hiway, Antipolo)
  • Nava Shop, SHOPPESVILLE (2nd floor, Shoppesville, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan)
  • Nava Shop, MARKET MARKET (2nd floor, Fashion Market, Market Market, BGC, Taguig)
  • Nava Shop, UP TOWN CENTER (2nd floor, Urban Turf, UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City)

Please be informed that all NAVA outlets are solely pick-up points. There are no potted plant arrangements or other Nest items on display in any of these branches.

We do not believe in having a black thumb. It’s just a matter of picking the right plant for the right environment. For people who are interested but still lack the confidence here are some beginner-friendly plants that we can suggest:

  • Snake Plants or Sansevierias: these plants are able to adapt to a wide range of light conditions and are highly drought tolerant. Indoors, you may only have to water them once every 3 weeks.
  • Chinese Evergreens or Aglaonema: these leafy plants are quite hard to kill. Water them only once a week. But don’t worry, they won’t react even if you forget!
  • Zz Plants or Zamioculcas: much like the Snake plants, ZZ plants thrive with neglect. As a bonus, it does just fine even in very low light conditions.
  • Peace Lilies or Spathiphyllums: Marked as an easy option because of how this plant communicates. It’s quite easy to tell when she is thirsty because the leaves droop way down. But with enough soaking, her leaves will quickly perk back up!
  • Fortune Plants or Dracaenas: Stately, sturdy and not fussy at all! The typical choice for offices or homes with busy, always on-the-go owners.

If you are still having doubts, feel free to message us and describe to us what kind of space you have and we’ll gladly help you pick out the right plant/s that will suit your space.

Sure! These are the plants we typically recommend for areas that receive only low light:

  • Snake Plants or Sansevierias
  • Zz Plants or Zamioculcas
  • Golden Pothos or Epipremnum
  • Chinese Evergreens or Aglaonema
  • Snake Plants or Sansevierias
  • Peace Lilies or Spathiphyllums
  • Golden Pothos or Epipremnum
  • Chinese Evergreens or Aglaonema
  • Fortune Plants or Dracaenas
  • Areca Palm or Dypsis

Yes. Simply send us a message and let us know what pot diameter (in inches) you are looking for and we’ll check what we can offer. We also do our own pot finishes so we can apply any of our custom colors to any of our available pots. Available colors are: Black / Chalk Grey / Stone Grey / Sand / Ivory / Blush Pick / Sunset Pink. White and Gold are considered special colors and are available only upon request for an additional fee of p200 / pot.

Catch plates are optional and are available only for for pot sizes M / L / XL. We do not sell stands on their own. Our stands are available for purchase with the (matching) planter/s or potted plant/s only.

To purchase in bulk (at least 20 pcs.) for an occasion or special project, please send an email to containing the quantity you need, your budget (if applicable), and due date. Our team will then return to you (in about 3-5 days) with arrangement options. Please note that we require at least two (2) weeks lead time to process and produce bulk orders.

Our (residential or commercial) Indoor Plant Styling Service is available to anyone who may want special assistance in designing their space with plants. Tap us to help you greenify your home, office or establishment with style.


  1. Contact us to schedule an ocular / site visit.
  2. On site, we’ll talk about your ideas and goals for your space. We’ll also be assessing the lighting and other environmental conditions present to help us recommend the best plants for you. We can also provide arrangement suggestions (type of planters, stands, etc…) on the spot and give you an estimate on the delivery of the project.
  3. Final step is the delivery of chosen arrangements and briefing on plant care. We will also be providing you with a specific watering schedule for all the plants that we’ve installed in your space.


The Plant Styling Service + Ocular fee will vary and will depend on your location.

This fee may be waived with a minimum spend on our products:

  • P8,000 (for Marikina, Pasig, San Juan, Mandaluyong, *parts of QC, Taguig, Makati)
  • P9,000 (for Pasay, *parts of QC, Manila, Caloocan)
  • P10,000 (for Las Pinas, Paranaque, Muntinlupa)

Please note that there is no obligation to proceed with purchases from NEST following your consultation.

Contact us at to request for a Plant Styling Service / Ocular quotation.

Upcoming Events:

Drop by our popup at Shangri-la Plaza Mall East Wing on August 31 – September 2, 2018. See you there!

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